The Bible Exhibition comes to Chesterfield

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The Bible Exhibition comes to Chesterfield at Eastwood Hall, Rose Hill, 5th to 9th September

Chesterfield Christadelphians are bringing this fascinating Bible Exhibition back to Chesterfield to coincide with the 400th anniversary of the printing of the King James translation of the Bible. Last seen in the Market Hall in August 1994, the displays have been recently upgraded and modernised.

This year of 2011 is a very special year for the Bible, the world’s best selling book – the book that is said to have changed the world. It is the 400th anniversary of the printing of the King James or Authorised Version. There have been numerous television and radio programmes about it in this country and internationally; the Royal Mint has produced a special £2 coin; new books have been written about it; there will be a special service in Westminster Abbey. The King James Version has a unique place in our national history and affections. So it came as no surprise that on April 29th, HRH Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton chose to have the King James Version of the Bible read at their marriage service in Westminster Abbey.

In 1604, the newly crowned King James gave a group of 47 scholars the task of translating from the original Hebrew and Greek and producing an English version of the Bible to allow all people to read and understand it. The finished work went to the Royal printers in 1611 and was originally available in loose leaf or bound form for 10 shillings or 12 shillings respectively.

The Authorised Version kept around 90 percent of the Tyndale Bible of 1525. William Tyndale translated the New Testament from the original Greek but was executed before he could translate all of the Old Testament. It was in 1537 that Miles Coverdale, who had taken over what Tyndale had begun, produced the first complete English Bible to be printed in England. It is remarkable to think that until that time no one in Britain had access to the Bible in their own language.

Faithful and brave men like Tyndale and Coverdale paved the way for the official English Bible of 1611. It was such a popular version, that there was no major new translation for nearly 300 years. Since that time there have been many other versions produced such as the Revised Version, Revised Standard Version, New English Bible, New International Version and the New King James Version just to name a few. However, many still favour the beautiful language of the Authorised Version.

The Exhibition has examples of many Bibles and charts the way that over time the Bible was made available in an increasing number of formats so as to reach people in their common form of speech.

The Bible Exhibition will be held, God willing, from 5th – 9th September in the Eastwood Hall of the United Reformed Church on Rose Hill (along from the Town Hall).

The modern display panels deal with many topics including how the Bible has survived down the centuries; there are archaeological objects; descriptions of peoples and nations that the Bible tells us about; events that were prophesied hundreds or even thousands of years before they happened that are mentioned in the Bible; descriptions and life stories of prominent characters such as Abraham, Moses, King David and King Solomon; the four Gospels describe the birth, life, death and resurrection of the most important man in history – the Lord Jesus Christ.

The exhibits include archaeological items thousands of years old and some replicas, where the originals are kept in museums, together with an array of ancient and early versions of the Bible.

There is a 16th century Hebrew scroll on animal skin which has caused a lot of interest wherever the Exhibition has visited. Hebrew is read from right to left.

There are interesting quizzes for different ages of children to complete and interactive panels with mini quizzes for young and old to enjoy. Local schools have been circulated with information about the Exhibition and news of an Art Competition for children to enter.

In addition to the historical aspect of The Bible in the Exhibition, there is also an informative side. The Bible is a remarkable book with regard to its relevance for today’s living. This may be about health, morals, finance or worrying about the future. The Bible can provide answers for all these matters and importantly give hope for the future.

Whatever your age or background, there is a lot to interest and inform you in the Bible Exhibition.

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