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 ====== Our Beliefs ====== ====== Our Beliefs ======
 +The Christadelphians are a world-wide community established over 150 years ago. We are bound together by a common faith in the Gospel as preached by the Lord Jesus Christ and his apostles in the first century.
-The Christadelphians ​are a small worldwide community of Christian believers whose main aim is to discover, obey and witness to the truth that God has left on record for all mankind.  +These are some of our beliefs. 
- +  * That there is one God, the Creator ​of the heavens and the earth 
-"Let the Bible speak for itself"​ could well be our slogan, as this is precisely what we set out to do. Our beliefs are a direct result of this: +  * That Jesus Christ is the Son of God, born to Mary through ​the Holy Spirit 
- +  * That Jesus died for the sins of the world, and that God raised him from the dead to bring salvation and eternal life to those who have faith in him 
-This is a very condensed version ​of our beliefs. +  * That this salvation cannot be earnedbut is Godfree gift.  Salvation is by Gods grace alone, through faith in Jesus Christ 
- +  * That Jesus will return ​to the earth, ​and replace man’s rule with Goduniversal Kingdom ​on earth 
-  * That God is all-powerfulall-knowing and the creator ​of the universe +  * That these truths ​are to be found in the Bible, God’s inspired and infallible ​revelation to mankind
-  * That Jesus Christ is his son, whose death brought about the means to the fulfilment of God's purpose on earth. +
-  * That Jesus will return to the earth to establish a kingdom ​of perfection for his Fatherof which we can be members. +
-  * That man is inherently sinful ​and in need of salvation from God. +
-  * That human naturetherefore, works against ​God'will and so we can only be saved by God's grace and forgiveness. +
-  * That when Jesus returns ​to the earth, ​all those who are responsible will be raised from the dead to be judged as worthy or not of a place in God'kingdom ​on earth. +
-  * That we should watch carefully the things that are happening ​in the worldso that Jesus' return does not take us by surprise. +
-  * That believers should live a morally upstanding life before ​God, standing apart from the lax values of modern society. +
-  * That no-one else has authority - only God through the pages of his word, which, now being completed, is his source of revelation to mankind+
-  * That the God's Holy Spirit controls and sustains everything. +
-  * That man has free will to choose whether to pursue God's offers of salvation or not. +
-  * That the nation of Israel is still very important in God's plan for the earth.  +
- +
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